ATCG Technology is an integrated technology service providing unique model and client focused solutions in global industries. We are specialized in information technology solutions and strategies in improving the business operations of our clients. We provide a unique strategic model for your business to grow. We render complete customer satisfaction through quality services at competitive prices that meet your deadline. We promise to be a key part in your business growth.
ATCG Technology offers full range of Internet and IT solutions including feasibility studies, life cycles using SDLC or Agile methodologies, conceptual and front end designed services and detailed design, validation, testing and operating and maintenance support, digital solutions, learning management systems, AICC and SCROM compliant content packaging, E-Commerce solutions, content management systems, business application services, email marketing, web development and deployment, service and project management.
With ATCG Technologies extensive experience having proper and swift approach, we match clients to methodologies depending on their necessities and business environment. Giving aid to business’s to stay ahead of the technology curve with proficient implementation, upgrade and data migration.
The Internet has evolved into a powerful business tool. While it has created entirely new ways for conducting business, the successful use of the Internet require that companies have sound strategies and proven business models to truly take advantage of the its utility. That is what we work on providing the best, most cutting-edge solutions possible.
“Your success is ours.” Our clients are most important assets and pillars of our business. Our wide range of clients include small and middle sized private sectors of different parts of the world. We outrival in helping companies to improve their business by supporting them to formulate Internet strategies and technologies.

Our Values

We work together with our clients

  • To deliver the right solution, at the right price
  • We are open and honest in our communication
  • Sharing information and knowledge and clear insight into options, status, pricing and timescales
  • We are committed to our clients to ensure they obtain the highest possible standards of service and quality of product